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Commitment to Excellence


Commitment to Excellence

MIRC Construction Services knows that quality management is essential to delivering a project that meets the Owner’s standards. Our project team will develop and implement a comprehensive quality management plan that affects every aspect of the project, from conception of design through construction completion and close-out documentation.

A brief outline of MIRC Construction’s quality management plan includes:

  • Clarifying Owner’s objectives and desires
  • Selecting appropriate trade contractors and vendors
  • Developing a comprehensive scope of work detailing the project
  • Thoroughly evaluating bids to verify scopes and eliminate scope gaps
  • Developing a detailed schedule
  • Reviewing and processing submittals thoroughly
  • Obtaining proper approval of submittals prior to procurement
  • Testing and inspection of installations during construction
  • Comprehensive documentation of all activities
  • Continual site inspections
  • Regularly scheduled meeting with the Owner and/or Architect
  • Preparation of project close-out documents including warranties, instruction materials, and as-built drawings.